Click on the links below to learn about the current and upcoming promotions happening in our Retail Network (RN), Retail Stores Group (RSG), Hospitality Network (HN) and Lotto Express Network (LX).

Effective Aug 04, 2020 to Oct 04, 2020

200x Multiplier Promotion

The newest $20 National ticket, 200x Mulitplier, will be promoted on TV as well as on POS at retail.

Effective Aug 31, 2020 to Oct 04, 2020

BC 50/50 September Super Jackpots

BC 50/50 will offer players GUARANTEED minimum jackpots every Friday and Saturday at 6pm in September.

Effective Oct 05, 2020 to Nov 01, 2020

Keno Doubler Days

Keno Doubler will be available every Saturday and Sunday in October.

Effective Oct 26, 2020 to Oct 29, 2020

Daily Grand Bonus Draws

On Monday October 26th and Thursday October 29th, Daily Grand will have three Bonus Draws per draw providing players the chance to win 6 total additional prizes of $25,000 a Year for Life.

Effective Sep 22, 2020 to Nov 02, 2020

Buy $10 Big Jackpot Pack for $9

At select RSG located in grocery stores, players can buy a $10 Big Jackpot Pack for $9 - that's one Free Extra.

Effective Oct 05, 2020 to Oct 31, 2020

BC 50/50 October Super Jackpots

The 6pm Friday jackpots will start at $6,000 and the Saturday jackpots will start at $8,000 and grow from there.

Effective Nov 02, 2020 to Nov 29, 2020

Sports Action Awareness Campaign

Sports Action will be featured in the Hospitality Network.

Effective Nov 02, 2020 to Oct 04, 2020

Holiday Campaign

Tis' the Season! Scratch & Win holiday tickets will be promoted by radio and TV ads, social media and instore POS.