Click on the links below to learn about the current and upcoming promotions happening in our Retail Network (RN), Retail Stores Group (RSG), Hospitality Network (HN) and Lotto Express Network (LX).

Effective May 11, 2024 to May 11, 2024

6/49 SuperDraw

25 GUARANTEED prizes of $25,000 in addition to the Classic and new Gold Ball jackpots!

Effective Apr. 02, 2024 to May 20, 2024

Lottery & Sports Action Awareness

Preparing Players for changes that may affect their play experience, and create excitement for the future of Lotto in BC.

Effective Apr. 03, 2024 to Oct. 04, 2024

Jackpot Family 2nd Chance Contest

The Jackpot Family 2nd Chance Contest gives players a second chance to win weekly cash prizes. To enter visit JACKPOTFAMILY.CA