Retailer Policy Manual


BCLC's Policies regarding Lottery Retailer roles and responsibilities are set out below. These include Lottery Retailer certification, sale of tickets, ticket validation, progressive discipline procedures and various other general matters. Adhering to these Policies will help you to build public confidence in lottery games and increase your customer loyalty.

The Policies, as amended from time to time, form part of the BCLC Lottery Retailer Agreement between BCLC and those parties that BCLC authorizes to provide lottery retail services.


"Gaming Policy Enforcement Branch (GPEB)" means the Ministry of Finance’s Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch which regulates legal gambling in British Columbia, including the operations of BCLC.

“Lottery Retailer” means a person contracted by BCLC to sell lottery tickets and provide lottery Services at a retail location, or a person who is an employee or volunteer of a retail location contracted by BCLC and is authorized to operate a lottery terminal or is involved in the handling, selling and/or validation of lottery products.

Personnel at lottery retail locations are not regarded as Lottery Retailers by BCLC if:

  • the individual does not use an Altura lottery terminal, handle Instant Win products or provide validation or payout services;
  • the individual’s interactions with lottery products are limited to operating a Lotto Express Device at point of sale; and
  • the individual does not have managerial responsibility for lottery products and Services.

“Lottery Retailer Family Member” means a spouse (including common law), child or parent, whether residing with the Lottery Retailer or not, or anyone who resides with the Lottery Retailer.

“Lotto Express Device” means lottery ticket vending equipment located at the point of sale where lottery purchases are transacted through an electronic cash register. Lotto Express devices include:

  • Lotto Express Terminals
  • PIN Pads

“Policies” means BCLC’s internal policies and procedures relating to the Services, as amended and communicated to the Lottery Retailer from time to time, including any instructions, directives, codes of conduct and operating manuals.

“Services” means the obligations of the Lottery Retailer under a Lottery Retailer Agreement, including the marketing, sales, and if applicable, the validation of lottery tickets and payout of winning lottery tickets.

Section 1

Section 1 – GPEB Registration

Lottery Retailers selling BCLC authorized products and providing related Services may be required to be registered with GPEB. It is the responsibility of the Lottery Retailer and personnel who have managerial responsibility at a lottery retail location to know and understand the legal requirements enforced by GPEB and BCLC.

Lottery Retailers must advise GPEB, Gaming Enforcement, of any activity or incident occurring at or near a lottery retail location that may be considered contrary to the Criminal Code (Canada), Gaming Control Act (British Columbia) or the Gaming Control Regulation that may affect the integrity of gaming; by calling the Toll Free Number – 1-877-660-8850.

For more information about GPEB:

  • Lottery Retailer Registration - Phone and e-mail inquiries:
  • In Victoria: 778-698-2882
  • In Vancouver call: 604 660-2421 (ask to be transferred to 778-698-2882)
  • Elsewhere in B.C. call toll-free within B.C. 1 800 663-7867 (ask to be transferred to 778-698-2882)
  • E-mail:

Complete contact information for GPEB can be found at

Section 2

Section 2 - Lottery Retailer Database and Certification

Section 2.1 BCLC Lottery Retailer Database

BCLC maintains a Lottery Retailer database to record who is selling lottery products and operating lottery equipment to better identify Lottery Retailers claiming lottery prizes or otherwise maintain the integrity of the lottery system. This database is stored and accessed in accordance with the applicable privacy laws.

Lottery Retailer personnel who have managerial responsibility at a lottery retail location are responsible for providing the names of all new Lottery Retailers within 30 days of the employee’s start date. Any change in employment status of a Lottery Retailer must be reported to BCLC, within 30 days of the status change, by Lottery Retailer personnel who have managerial responsibility at the lottery retail location. Employment status changes include:

  • Resignation or dismissal from work at that location;
  • Transfer to a different role where he/she will no longer handle BCLC lottery products;
  • Transfer to a different retail location or branch; and
  • Leave of absence for more than one year.

Section 2.1.1 Lottery Retailer Database Procedures

There are several methods to notify BCLC of an employment status change. Lottery Retailer personnel who have managerial responsibility may complete an online form, contact the Lottery Hotline or notify their Territory Manager. An individual's status as a Lottery Retailer remains in the database for one year after the individual ceases to be a Lottery Retailer.

Section 2.1.2 Lottery Retailer Database Privacy Notice

Lottery Retailer personal information is collected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (British Columbia) and will be used, accessed, disclosed and stored by British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) and its service providers inside and outside of Canada for the following purposes:

  • To administer BCLC’s lottery retailer network;
  • To facilitate training and development in the learning management system;
  • To communicate with Lottery Retailers and their staff on lottery related business;
  • To prevent fraud and for investigation purposes in respect to Lottery Retailer and other prize claims; and
  • To comply with applicable laws

For any questions about the collection or use of Personal Information, please contact BCLC's Customer Support at 74 West Seymour Street, Kamloops, BC, V2C 1E2; telephone 1-866-815-0222 or

Section 2.2 BCLC Lottery Retailer Certification Policy

BCLC requires all Lottery Retailers to be certified within 60 days of entering the BCLC retailer database. Certification requires the completion of a course applicable to the lottery Services that the Lottery Retailer provides. Signatories of the Lottery Retailer Agreement who do not operate a lottery terminal or are not involved in the handling, selling and/or validating of lottery products are exempt.

A Lottery Retailer who is not certified within 60 days of entering the BCLC retailer database is considered to be in non-compliance, and must immediately cease operating as a Lottery Retailer, including but not limited to handling, selling and/or validating BCLC lottery products, until certification is completed.

Certification remains valid as long as the Lottery Retailer continues to operate the lottery terminal or handle lottery products, or until a new certification standard becomes effective. Lottery Retailer certification expires one year after the day the individual ceases to operate as a Lottery Retailer, or, if that date is not known, one year after the date that BCLC was advised of their change in employment status.

Section 3

Section 3 – No Play at Work

Section 3.1 No Play at Work

Lottery Retailers will not, at any time, purchase, play, validate or check their personal lottery tickets at their location of employment. Lottery Retailers may play BCLC lottery games at other lottery retail locations where they are not employed

Section 3.2 Lottery Retailer Prize Claims

All Lottery Retailers and Lottery Retailer Family Members must declare themselves to be a Lottery Retailer or Lottery Retailer Family Member when claiming a prize at any BCLC Prize Payout office or BCLC Regional Prize Payout Centre.

Lottery Retailers and Lottery Retailer Family Members will undergo an investigation by BCLC Corporate Security. BCLC recommends that Lottery Retailer Family Members purchase, play or validate their personal lottery tickets at a lottery retail location where their spouse (including common law), child or parent, or any individual who resides at the same residence is not employed. This will assist Lottery Retailer Family Members during the prize claim investigation process.

The Information and Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia, the oversight body for the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (British Columbia), has stated that Lottery Retailers should anticipate that their prize claims will be subject to a higher standard of scrutiny and should expect a lesser degree of privacy than other members of the public.

For any questions about the collection or use of Personal Information, please contact BCLC's Customer Support at 74 West Seymour Street, Kamloops, BC, V2C 1E2; telephone 1-866-815-0222 or

Section 4

Section 4 – Sale of Ticket Policies

Section 4.1 Sale or Distribution to Minors

As stated within the Gaming Control Act (British Columbia), Section 89 (3) a person must not sell, offer for sale, purchase for resale, or do anything in furtherance of selling, offering for sale or purchasing for resale, any lottery ticket to a minor, unless the person is a licensee acting under conditions of the license that are prescribed under section105 (1) (b).

Section 4.1.1 Customer Age Verification “ID 25”

Lottery Retailers must check one (1) acceptable form of government-issued photo identification for customers who appear to be twenty-five (25) years of age or younger, before processing any lottery ticket/product purchase.

Violation by a Lottery Retailer of the Customer Age Verification “ID 25” policy shall be determined by BCLC or any person, firm, or corporation acting on behalf of BCLC.

Section 4.2 Sale of Tickets at Face Value

Lottery Retailers must sell all BCLC authorized products for the price shown on the ticket, unless BCLC has authorized, in writing, the sale of the product for a different established price.

Section 4.3 Charging Additional Fees

Lottery Retailers must not charge their customers any additional fees relating to the sale or validation of the BCLC authorized lottery products or Services. Fees related to the customer's use of debit or credit cards for purchases, which may or may not include lottery, are at the discretion of the Lottery Retailer.

Section 4.4 Selling Only BCLC Authorized Lottery Products

Lottery Retailers must refrain from selling or providing any lottery products or Services other than those authorized by BCLC or GPEB.

Section 4.4.1 Transferring Scratch & Win Tickets between Retails Locations

Lottery Retailers must request BCLC approval and BCLC must facilitate transfers of Scratch & Win tickets between retail locations. Transfers of Scratch & Win tickets may be requested when a change of owner occurs or when normal means of Scratch & Win delivery or inventory management cannot meet the business exigency. The sale of Scratch & Win tickets acquired pursuant to another Lottery Retailer agreement is prohibited without prior BCLC approval.

Section 4.5 Customers Must be Present

The Lottery Retailer will not sell, validate or check tickets unless in the physical presence of the customer.

Section 4.6 Watchdog Policy

If a Lottery Retailer exceeds the financial threshold limit on a particular product, they may be prevented from selling that product for a period of time as determined by the BCLC.

Section 4.7 Forgotten or Found Tickets

Lottery Retailers must report any lost or unattended lottery tickets or Self Service Terminal (SST) vouchers to BCLC Hotline immediately by calling 1-800-667-1649 or by using the online form.

Section 4.8 Damaged or Defective Tickets

Lottery Retailers must not sell damaged or defective lottery tickets to any customers.  Damaged or defective tickets are lottery tickets that have spilling, tearing, bending, crushed corners, latex damage and/or printing issues and are considered non-saleable.  To report and return damaged or defective lottery tickets, please follow the procedures within Section 5.

Lotto Express

Lottery Retailers that work within a Lotto Express location must report any lost or unattended lottery tickets or SST vouchers to their designated lottery support provider using the online form.

Section 5

Section 5 – Ticket Cancellations and Returns

Section 5.1 Altura Lottery Terminal Ticket Cancellations

When cancelling a ticket printed from an Altura lottery terminal, the ticket must be cancelled:

On the same business day that it is printed;

On the same lottery terminal that printed the ticket; and

Before the draw, or first draw on an Advance Buy ticket, has taken place, with the exception of a Keno Advance Buy ticket.

Section 5.2 Lotto Express Ticket Cancellations and Returns

Tickets from a Lotto Express Device CANNOT be cancelled once they have been printed. Neither the Altura Lottery Terminal nor any Lotto Express Device is able to cancel tickets printed from a Lotto Express Device.

Lottery Retailers must return any damaged or “printed in error” Lotto Express ticket to BCLC in accordance with the procedure detailed below.

Section 5.2.1 Lotto Express Ticket Return Procedure

An online Lotto Express Ticket Return Form (TRF) is used to report lost or left behind tickets and submit requests for refund for damaged or refunded tickets, as follows:

To complete the online TRF:

  1. Go to to access the online TRF form.
  2. Follow the prompts and fill out the online TRF with all the required information to assist Lottery Support in processing the request.
  3. Once completed, select “Submit” and your request will be submitted to Lottery Support.
  4. Next, insert damaged, lost, refunded or left behind tickets, for which you have completed a TRF, into a BCLC supplied courier return package. Courier such packages, if you have ticket return requests, weekly.
  5. If you need assistance, call Lottery Support at 1-800-667-1649.

Section 5.3 No Credit on Expired Tickets

BCLC will not issue credit on expired Scratch & Win tickets. Lottery Retailers must return Scratch & Win tickets to BCLC prior to the expiry date in order to be eligible for credit. Lottery Retailers will have the opportunity to return tickets prior to their expiration date during scheduled buyback campaigns conducted by BCLC.

Section 5.4 Damaged Shipments Containing Tickets

The courier is in compliance when deliveries of a package or packages, free of damage, are executed to the lottery retail location where the name and address shown on the shipping label and manifest match the physical location.

If upon delivery, it is determined that the package integrity is compromised, the Lottery Retailer, at their discretion, may accept or reject the delivery. On occasion, a package, or packages, may have been damaged during the shipping process to the point where books of tickets may be spilling out of the courier delivery envelope. In this circumstance, the delivery must be either accepted in its entirety or rejected in its entirety. Where books of tickets have possibly spilled out of the package, the Lottery Retailer must verify the actual books of tickets against the invoice prior to accepting the damaged package delivery.

If upon delivery, it is determined that there is any internal damage to the contents of the delivery package, the entire delivery must be rejected. Internal damage would be described as tickets being bent, with crushed corners, damaged latex and/or tickets becoming separated from their original cello package as provided by the printer.

Lottery Retailers must report all rejected deliveries to the Lottery Hotline at 1-800-667-1649 as soon as possible.

The responsibility to ensure correct procedure is followed is placed on the Lottery Retailer.

Section 5.5 Damaged or Defective Instant Ticket Return

The Lottery Retailer must report and return all damaged or defective Instant tickets, including Scratch & Win and Pull Tab tickets, to BCLC. Damaged or defective lottery tickets are defined in section 4.8 of this manual.

Lottery Retailers are required to call Hotline to notify BCLC of the damaged or defective Instant ticket(s) and return all damaged or defective tickets to BCLC as soon as possible for credit eligibility.

Returned Scratch & Win tickets that have been scratched, or otherwise tampered with, are not eligible to be credited. Individual damaged Pull Tab tickets are not eligible for credit.

Section 6

Section 6 - Ticket Validation and Prize Payout

Section 6.1 Signing of Tickets

The Lottery Retailer must check that a lottery ticket has been signed before validating any lottery ticket. If a lottery ticket is not signed, the Lottery Retailer is to return the ticket to the customer and ask the customer to sign or print their name on the front or back. Lottery Retailers are not to validate any ticket that is not signed (this includes Scratch & Win tickets).

Section 6.2 Ticket Validation

Lottery tickets must be validated before a prize payment is made. Approved procedures, as detailed below, must be followed when validating any lottery ticket.

Online tickets and Scratch & Win tickets must be validated through an Altura lottery terminal. Retail locations that do not have an Altura lottery terminal are not permitted to validate or payout prizes for online tickets or Scratch & Win tickets.

Section 6.2.1 Online and Scratch & Win Ticket Validation Procedures

The Lottery Retailer must complete the following steps when validating online tickets or Scratch & Win tickets:

  1. Check that the ticket is signed. Obtain the customer’s signature if the ticket is not signed.
  2. Press VALIDATE on the Altura Lottery Terminal main screen and select the type of lottery ticket to be validated (online or Scratch & Win).
  3. Scan the ticket barcode or manually enter the ticket control number using the Altura lottery terminal.- Scratch & Win ticket barcode and control numbers are found under the latex, in the play area, of the ticket. If the final three-digits of the ticket control number cannot be read, contact the Lottery Support Hotline at 1-800-667-1649 for assistance. DO NOT GUESS THE CONTROL NUMBER.
  4. Press ENTER when the terminal reads the ticket barcode or once you have manually entered ticket control number.
  5. Follow the payout procedures detailed within the Prize Payout Limit table in Section 6.8.

Section 6.3 Terminal Freeze and a Major Win

The lottery terminal will play a special winning jingle and “freeze”, if a winning ticket with a prize of $10,000 or greater is validated.

No other transactions may be processed until the Lottery Retailer completes the following items:

Call the Major Win Hotline number at 1-866-649-1130. An agent will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The agent will ask to speak with the ticket holder and Lottery Retailer to obtain important information.

Enter the five-digit activation code given by the agent to reactivate the terminal. Once the terminal is reactivated, a claim slip will print and the regular win tune will play once.

Return the, signed, original winning ticket and claim slip back to the customer.

Section 6.4 Ticket Validation Difficulties and Terminal Freeze

Lottery Retailers must follow proper validation procedures. If the Lottery Retailer encounters any difficulties when validating tickets, the Lottery Retailer must contact Lottery Support Hotline at 1-800-667-1649.

Three (3) unsuccessful attempts to validate the same ticket, by manually entering the ticket control number, will result in an AUTOMATIC FREEZE of the terminal. The Lottery Retailer will be unable to sell or validate any lottery games until BCLC reactivates the terminal.

IMPORTANT: If the lottery terminal freezes, immediately call Lottery Support Hotline at 1-800-667-1649 for assistance.

Section 6.5 Pull Tab Ticket Validation

Pull Tab tickets do not require an Altura lottery terminal to be validated. Lottery retail locations that do not have an Altura lottery terminal are permitted to validate Pull Tab tickets. Lottery Retailers must pay all prizes, including the top prize level, of any Pull Tab ticket sold at their lottery retail location. 

Pull Tab tickets can only be validated:

At the lottery retail location they are purchased from; and

On the same day they are purchased.

Section 6.5.1 Pull Tab Ticket Procedures

The following procedure must be completed when validating a Pull Tab ticket:

Confirm prize amount;

Pay the customer the prize; and

Deface the ticket once it has been paid.

Section 6.6 Prize Payout

All lottery prizing must be paid in full via cash or an equivalent non-cash prize (consisting of either in-store gift cards or a debit or credit-card transaction that is authorized by the payment provider) equal to the lottery prize amount, unless otherwise approved by BCLC.  If an equivalent non-cash prize is to be paid in lieu of a cash prize, it is the responsibility of the Retailer to ensure the player has voluntarily agreed to the equivalent non-cash prize payment and to provide the player with a receipt indicating the amount of the non-cash prize payment.

Section 6.7 Return of Tickets and Validation Slips

All lottery tickets and validation or claim slips must be returned to the customer.  This includes winning and non-winning tickets.

Section 6.8 Prize Payout Limits

The table below outlines the prize payout limits and associated procedures based on the five different categories of prize amounts.

Prize Amount Payout Limits Give to the Customer
Not a Winner  
  • Validation Slip
  • Non-winning ticket
$200.00 or less Mandatory Prize Payment
  • Prize
  • Validation Slip
  • Winning Ticket
  • Receipt indicating the full amount of non-cash prize payment.
$200.01 - $2,000.00 Optional Prize Payment Retailer pays Prize:
  • Prize
  • Validation Slip
  • Winning Ticket
  • Receipt indicating the full amount of non-cash prize payment. 
Retailer does not pay Prize:
  • Winning ticket
  • Validation information slip
$2,000.01 -$9,999.99 Do not pay - Advise customer to contact BCLC Customer Service
  • Claim slip
  • Winning Ticket
$10,000 or more Do Not Pay – Lottery Terminal will freeze. Follow instructions on screen and call the Major Win Hotline at
  • Claim slip
  • Winning Ticket

Section 6.9 Self Service Terminal Voucher Validation

Many bars and pubs within B.C. have BCLC Self Service Terminals (SST), where vouchers for lottery prizes are issued. Most of these SST vouchers are redeemed in the bar or pub where they were issued; however, some customers may ask the Lottery Retailer to pay out their SST vouchers. These vouchers can be paid at any lottery retail location and should be treated like winning tickets.

Validation payout levels for vouchers are the same as winning tickets. Once a voucher of $200.00 or less is validated, the Lottery Retailer must pay the prize and return it to the customer. For validations between $200.01 and $999.99, the Lottery Retailer may either pay the prize or return the voucher.

Section 6.9.1 Self Service Terminal Voucher Validation Procedures

To validate a SST voucher:

Press the Validation button on the lottery terminal and scan the barcode

In the event the bar code does not scan, press the Online button then enter the Control Number on the voucher using the validation keypad on the screen.

Section 6.9.2 Self Service Terminal Voucher Expiry

As of June 13, 2016, BCLC Self Service Terminal (SST) Vouchers are not subject to expiry and may be redeemed as follows:

SST Vouchers that were issued on or prior to October 27, 2013, do not have an expiry date listed on the voucher.  These SST Vouchers can only be redeemed by mail or in-person through a BCLC Corporate Office in Vancouver or Kamloops.

SST Vouchers issued after October 27, 2013, and before June 13, 2016, have an expiry date listed on the voucher that is one year from the date of issuance.  These SST Vouchers are to be redeemed in the following manner:

o    If the date of redemption is on or before the listed expiry date, the SST Voucher can be redeemed at any retail lottery location.

o    If the date of redemption is after the listed expiry date, the SST Voucher can only be redeemed by mail or in-person through a BCLC Corporate Office in Vancouver or Kamloops.

SST Vouchers issued on or after June 13, 2016, do not have an expiry date listed on the voucher and can be redeemed at any retail lottery location and should be treated like winning tickets.

Section 7

Section 7 - Financial

Section 7.1 NSF Fees

In accordance with Article 4.5 of the Lottery Retailer Agreement regarding BCLC administrative fees, retailers will be charged a $50 Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) fee per NSF occurrence.

The NSF fee will be charged to the retailer via a manual adjustment to their bank account, which will be included in their next scheduled sweep.

Section 8

Section 8 - Lottery Retailer Agreement Service Standard Remedies

BCLC will investigate and, where appropriate, apply certain remedies where Services provided by a Lottery Retailer fail to meet service standards under, or otherwise breach, the Lottery Retailer Agreement or Policies, or, the Lottery Retailer conduct harms or undermines:

  • the integrity or security of BCLC's lottery system
  • the reputation of BCLC
  • BCLC's authority to conduct, manage and operate lottery schemes on behalf of the Government of British Columbia

BCLC’s Corporate Security is responsible for investigating and responding to integrity or security matters, including the investigation of alleged misconduct, fraud or other wrongdoing by Lottery Retailers.


BCLC will apply the following guidelines in determining the appropriate remedies for service standard deficits or failures, breaches of the Lottery Retailer Agreement or Policies, and integrity or security incidents


Code Confirmed Violation 1st Occurrence
2nd (if executed within 12-months from 1st occurrence) 3rd (if executed within 12-months from 2nd occurrence) 4th (if executed within 12-months from 3rd occurrence)
1 Validation Issues Not Related To Fraud / Theft Warning Letter
(from Investigations)
Warning Letter
(from Investigations)
Financial Remedy (14-day minimum) + BCLC re-training required Compliance Review; if review fails, then:
2 Failure to Age Verify (ID25) Warning Letter + Training Kit Warning Letter + Training Kit Financial Remedy (7 days) Suspension* (7 days) + BCLC re-training required
3 Playing At Own Location (CATT or Lotto App Violation) Notification Email (from Investigations) Warning Letter 
(from Investigations)
Suspension* (14 days) Termination
4 Payment Issues Not Related To Fraud / Theft Warning Letter 
(from Investigations)
Financial Remedy (14 days) +  BCLC re-training required Compliance Review; if review fails, then: Termination


5 Conduct Contrary to Public Interest or Harmful to BCLC's Integrity or Reputation Warning Letter 
(from Investigations)
Suspension* (14 days) Termination


6 Playing At Own Location Warning Letter
(from Investigations)
Suspension* (14 days) Termination


7 Selling To Minors Suspension* (30 days minimum) Termination



8 Fraud / Theft Investigation and possible Suspension and/or Termination






Severity of Confirmed Violation is determined by the date of the most recent violation. 

  • If a violation was conducted within 12 months (specified by specific date) of previous violation, then Retailer would advance along the continuum and each subsequent violation will result in a 12 month period start date. 
  • If a violation was conducted after 12 months (specified by specific date) of the previous violation, then it would be considered 1st occurrence. 

* Retail Stores Group Lottery Retailer Agreements are subject to suspension or termination.