Lotto Transformation

Everything you need to know about Lotto Transformation, all in one place

What's Happening

**Important Software Updates**

Your new BCLC Lottery Equipment should remain plugged in and always powered on to ensure that your equipment can receive the latest software updates. BCLC will be releasing several software updates over the next few weeks as we finalize the transition to the new equipment.


1. How to Validate a Ticket and Pay Prize:

  • Click Pay Prize to validate and payout a lottery ticket.
  • Check the printed slip to ensure it says 'VALIDATION SLIP' and not 'VALIDATION INFORMATION SLIP'.
  • Check 'LAST VALIDATION' screen under ‘TRANSACTION HISTORY’ on your terminal to verify large payouts were successful. Green checkmarks indicates that a ticket has been paid.

2. How to Sell a Scratch & Win Ticket 

  • Scan the ticket into Cart while in the Lotto Games screen. 
    • Cover the UPC barcode on the back to avoid the scanner picking it up    
  • Check the Cart to ensure ticket has been added. 
  • Tap Checkout to complete the sale. 
  • Collect payment from player. 
  •  Review the Selling Scratch and Win QRG for more information. 

3. EXTRAs on Free Play Tickets

  • For multiple Free Play prizes, each Free Play is printed on a separate ticket